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Lakeshore Helicopters continued success relies on our commitment to maintain the highest level of safety, quality control and performance. 

Our commitment generates long-term repeat business which is the mainstay of our operation. The Management has extensive experience in the region and we understand that safety and performance are key in providing exceptional service.


Oil & Gas Industry

Moving out crews, setting up rigs and monitoring pipelines. We can customize a plan to complete your job requirements.

Film & Photography

We have pilots very experienced in the film industry on staff along with all the equipment to make your project a safe and cost effective endeavour.

Environmental Surveying

Some common types of surveys we  facilitate are soil, wildlife, vegetation, and water. We have proven to be an extremley cost effective and efficient way for our clients to move throughout the region

Fire Suppresion

We actively assist forestry with preventing, extinguishing and monitoring forest fires throughout Alberta.

Transport & Tours

We perform VIP tours and crew transport throughout the region. Our helicopters have fantastic visibility​ and our pilots are very experienced​  with the area.

​Construction & 


We can move construction materials and supply lifts for installations on buildings or oil rigs. Contact us below to see if our fleet can supply you with the tools to complete your job.

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This is where the map comes in.

Safety is our Priority

We are committed to the highest level of Health and Safety on all job sites. All of our helicopters have been outfitted with global positioning tracking systems and satellite phones from Latitude Technologies. With pilots that have over 16,800 hours of combined flying experience we ensure that our personnel are fully trained for all of our contracts.

Our belief is that a company who provides a safe and healthy workplace and that cares about their employees yields a good work ethic and high productivity within the company environment.

This flying experience is very diverse from high arctic and mountain to production vertical reference and aerial construction, Lakeshore Helicopters covers all aspects for our clients’ needs.
Our pilots undergo annual recurrent training to meet and exceed both customer and Transport Canada’s requirements. In 2014 the training became even more comprehensive: pilots were trained in a AS350B3 simulator, which further enhanced our emergency training program to a higher standard.

In addition we have pilots with 10-26 years of local flying experience in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.
Lakeshore Helicopters is committed to the highest level of Health and Safety on all job sites. We ensure that all personnel are fully trained in pertinent safety courses, and ground disturbance. Lakeshore Helicopters has a comprehensive user-friendly Health and Safety Program in place. This is readily available to all employees, Subcontractor and Major Contractors for review. Lakeshore maintains a valid Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR) Our company has never had a fatality, or an injury that resulted in hospitalization of an employee. We have not had charges incurred by OHS for any reason, or penalties assessed against our firm.
Our experience is that a Company who provides a safe and healthy workplace and cares about the employees gets a workforce that reciprocates with good work habits and high productivity. Therefore, loss Management in the areas of fire prevention, employee accidents, security, and the environment is a total commitment by Lakeshore Helicopters and its employees. We are an approved vendor on ISNET World, PICS and Complyworks three safety pre-qualification companies that review our safety program and stats to ensure we meet the safety standards set out by OHS, and companies in this region.

Our Fleet

We have added a new machine to Lakeshore’s lineup. A Eurocopter EC 120.  We will be profiling this machine on our website in the weeks to come but you can call for more information or to book this aircraft at anytime.

We operate a fleet of high performance AS350 B3’s and B3e’s to service the Northern region of Alberta.

This family of intermediate lift helicopters provides the fastest and quietest ride for the highest level of passenger comfort in its class. The Astar is a 5 to 6 passenger helicopter with an external load capacity of 2,750 lbs. The Astar is one of few helicopters that maintains its performance from sea level up to 9,000 feet. It provides exceptional visibility from all passenger seats both front and rear.

The B3 is an excellent choice for the extrem heat and cold found in the region. Missions include external load, VIP transport, aerial filming, photography, crew transport, fire suppression and more.

  • Carries one crew member
  • Has a maximum capacity of five or six passengers
  • It is 42.34 feet long and 10.63 feet high
  • Sports a 35.07 foot rotor diameter
  • It weighs 2,825 pounds empty
  • The maximum takeoff weight is over 5000 pounds
  • Maximum speed is 178 mph
  • Cruise speed is 138 mph
  • Maximum range is 408 miles
  • Maximum service ceiling is 16,550 feet
  • Maximum rate of climb is 1,959 feet per minute
  • External Load capability of over 2500 pounds


Mike Cardinal, Owner and Operator

Who we are as a company has everything to do with the determination and vision of the person with the dream

Mike Cardinal has been a driving force in the aboriginal community of this area for over 40 years. He was born in Fort Chipewyan and raised on a trap line by his great grand parents. He learned the meaning of the aboriginal ways and the meaning of working hard and never giving up at an early age.

He worked with forestry in his youth, he trapped for many years, spent a period of time at Syncrude Canada and then pursued a dream of owning his own business. He opened a tiny small engine repair shop in Fort Chipewyan and through sheer determination and hard work he built it into a skidoo and marine dealership which evolved into a successful contracting business here in Fort Mcmurray.

In 1986, with his unending determination he pursued building a winter road from Fort Chipewyan to Fort Mcmurray with just a cat and a pick up truck. He and an employee left Fort Mcmurray and pushed the winter road through. It took them 4 days and at the very end Mike, Roy Flett, Emile Girard and Stanley Wylie were literally shovelling the snow to the ground by hand, to ensure the truck made it up the hill to Fort Chipewyan. Thanks to this type of determination Fort Chipewyan has had a winter road each year since.

During the course of the last 30 years in business he fulfilled another lifelong dream of owning a helicopter. This dream became a reality that evolved into Lakeshore Helicopters. 

Throughout the years he has never forgotten his roots. He believes in the youth of the area and their education by contributing to their causes and celebrations. Mike respects the elders of the area and their care and celebrations are important to him. His love of traditional music has led him to support aboriginal musical events throughout western Canada. 

Mike was one of the founding fathers of NAABA.. They came up with the idea of an association to represent all aboriginal companies in Northern Alberta. This grass roots idea has become one of the strongest organizations of its kind in Canada. 

His message to the aboriginal people is to believe in yourself, believe in your family and your aboriginal roots, work hard, stay in school for it is an opportunity to go further, and most importantly, to never ever give up on your dreams.


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